Hola my name is David Pérez and I have worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, and web designer too.

Lately I have been working intensely with illustration, I have been involved in creating storyboards, game design, creating characters for products, icons, and  clothing that can be found available for sale in the store.
Write to me and say hola@erdavid.com  for freelance work.


is the best choice when a concept or process is hard to explain with a photography or a long and boring text. Also is very unique,original and recognized as part of a brand

Graphic Design

I have worked in a variety of graphic design projects, from billboards, magazines, books, brands, logos, listing them would be quite long so do not hesitate to write me

Web Design

Having a presence on the web is fundamental and even more important is a correct way of making websites that helps achieve the customers goals

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Illustration - Graphic Design - Web Design